Sydney shop revamp

Our Sydney shop has had an extensive revamp. We hope you like it 🙂

We have removed the old metal drawers which were very difficult to open and close. Plus they were so big the contents kept moving around if there were any gaps between items.

We now have a central counter display with multiple drawers underneath making it easier to open and close. The other up side of these drawers is the number of items per drawer is less, making it much easier to see everything.

The other benefit of the central counter is the amount of easy to view area. The Central shelves made it difficult to see everything. Now it is all laid out at a much better viewing height. We have also fitted an interesting display system out of logs and branches to display the pendants on with a much increased range of styles. If you see an item, you like but would prefer a different chain then please ask and we will change them around.

We have also increased our stock of beads for bead making and have a new range of funky resin jewellery. This will increase as soon as we get the time to make more of it.

We are also now doing our own range of soy candles and aromatherapy diffusers – both in our Sydney shop and Lakes Entrance shop. We offer a refilling service for the candles thereby making a saving for you each time you refill a candle. The other benefit to you with this service is you can change which fragrance you wish. We recommend that you change the fragrance as after 3 months because your brain gets used to the fragrance and you no longer sense the smell as intensely as you should (at best) and at worst you cease to recognise the aroma all together.

In the near future we will be doing a range of bee’s wax candles and speciality vintage containers for the soy candles. If you would like your own container filled we can do this for you as well, however the refilling of these types of containers will take about 3 weeks as we make the candles in Lakes Entrance Victoria.

  • February 24, 2018